Mobile content soars thanks to device and network advances

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Mobile phones have become a staple of daily life, so much so that most consumers can hardly imagine going through the day without one by their side. The reliance on mobile devices for just about everything makes mobile a platform that content publishers and marketers cannot afford to ignore.

eMarketer predicts mobile content revenues will rise from less than $1.15 billion in 2009 to more than $3.53 billion in 2014, a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of nearly 20% over the period.

“The continuing advance of smart devices—including tablet-style computers, led by Apple’s iPad—and the growing ubiquity of mobile broadband networks mean that consumers have to make fewer compromises when it comes to the consumption of games, music and video,” said Noah Elkin, eMarketer senior analyst and author of the new report, “Mobile Content: Games, Music and Video Take to the Cloud.” “An improved user experience, and the ability to access an ever-expanding variety of content from the cloud, will attract many new mobile content consumers in the next five years.”

US Moblie Content Revenues by Segment 2009-2014

The fastest growth will come from mobile music, which starts from the smallest base and will move from a market focused on ringtones to one where mobile-broadband-enabled users pay to access full-length songs from the cloud.

US mobile Music Listeners, 2008-2014

Games are the most popular mobile activity in number of users, and there is a growing emphasis on monetizing such content through downloads and advertising, rather than shipping phones with games preinstalled.

The mobile video audience will increase threefold between 2009 and 2014, with the steady improvement of devices, the increase in mobile broadband availability and the emergence of viewing options outside the carrier networks. These factors will help boost revenue growth to a CAGR of more than 25% from 2009 to 2014.

DMA report: Digital media marketing strong, social media pervasive

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LinkedIn and Twitter Logo

New York—Most marketers are using digital media both to sell and nurture a stronger bond with their customers, according to the newly released “Digital Marketing Practices and Trends,” a study conducted by the Direct Marketing Association. The report also found that the use of social media has become a mainstream marketing channel.

The report, based on an online survey in November and December 2009 that produced 541 usable responses, found that 62% of marketers use paid keywords, followed by banner/skyscraper ads (45%), affiliate networks (28%), hot links (26%) and sponsorships (23%).

Among b-to-b companies, social media marketing has become pervasive: 88% report using social media, with the most widely used channels being professional social networks such as LinkedIn (69%), followed by microblogs such as Twitter (53%) and blogs (47%).

Should my email design match my Web site?

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It’s very important to use design elements—such as color, art, logos, etc.—to make visual connections between your Web site and your e-mail. When you sign up e-mail list members on your Web site, you want the e-mail to be an extension of the site that your customers recognize. If there is a disconnect because the e-mail doesn’t look like the Web site, your subscribers may think your e-mail is spam.

Conversely, when you send out e-mails with a call to action that takes recipients back to a landing page, you don’t want to confuse those readers by sending them to a Web site that doesn’t look like the company you portray in your e-mail.

This happened to me recently. I got an e-mail from a major airline that featured a color scheme that was predominately the company’s trademark yellow and orange. Clicking through to the airline’s Web site, I was shocked to land on a page that was mainly blue and purple. My initial thought was that I was on the wrong page. What I learned is that the company rebranded its Web site but has not carried the new branding elements through to its e-mail program.

While it’s not unusual for companies to rebrand or to freshen their brand, it’s important to keep some of the old elements—at least on a temporary basis—to bridge to the new brand. You also need to make sure that your e-mail program catches up at the same time. This can be a struggle if e-mail marketing and your Web site are managed by different groups, but the outcome is worth the effort.

When designing your e-mails, look to your Web site for design elements and incorporate some of those elements into your e-mail. If you have an html Web site, you can even use elements from the Web site to easily design your e-mail.

Remember: it’s all about integrating the same look and feel from Web site to e-mail, and even to printed marketing materials. Carrying a similar look throughout all these customer touch points makes customers comfortable with your brand, which in turn makes them comfortable pulling out their wallets.

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Nielsen: Time To Recommit to Boomers

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As focused as marketers are these days on Gen Y’s environmental commitment or Gen X’s coupon savvy, Nielsen reports that CPG companies have major blind spots in the way they target Baby Boomers.

With a continued emphasis on either the 18-to-34 or the 18-to-49 demographic, companies are increasingly losing their connection with the 78 million Baby Boomers, Doug Anderson, SVP/research & development for Nielsen, tells Marketing Daily.

“There is practically no segment or category out there where Boomers aren’t a significant audience — even across technology, including cell phones and computers. They may not be the first ones in the door when a new product comes out, but it’s close,” he says. “They are purchasing at rates just as high as other segments, and because they are often buying for their kids, many are double-dipping.”

While Boomers spend 38.5% of CPG dollars, Nielsen estimates that only 5% of advertising dollars are currently targeted toward adults 35-64 years old (a slice that includes the latter half of Generation X as well as Boomers).

Part of the issue, he says, is that marketers continue to believe that Boomers are either reluctant to experiment with new technology and brands, or that because they’ve been loyal to a certain brand for a number of years, they’ll stay that way.

Another issue, he says, is that even marketers who do focus on Boomers tend to make errors. Nuance, he says, really matters. “It is certainly true that Baby Boomers are big, important marketplaces for almost all products, and they need to be talked to and marketed to and advertised to directly,” he says. “But it has to be in ways they will accept. They are not 27, and they are not 67.”

Nielsen’s research says Boomers dominate 1,023 out of 1,083 consumer packaged goods categories, and watch 9.34 hours of video per day—more than any other segment. They also comprise a third of all TV viewers, online users, social media users and Twitter users, and are significantly more likely to have broadband Internet.

“Marketers have this tendency to think the Baby Boom—getting closer to retirement—will just be calm and peaceful as they move ahead, and that’s not true. Everything we see with our behavioral data says these people are going to be active consumers for much longer. They are going to be in better health, and despite the ugliness around the retirement stuff now, they are still going to be more affluent,” Anderson says. “They are going to be an important segment for a long time.”

Thanks to Sara Mahoney at Marketing Daily

Toyota Wins Platinum 2009 MarCom Award For Toyota Today

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Toyota Today

Toyota Today

Torrance, Calif.—Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc. received top honors in the 2009 Marcom Awards for their Toyota Today magazine, designed by Ervin | Ad. The publication, selected for excellence in design and writing, has consistently won awards over the years since being designed by Ervin | Ad.

The MarCom Awards, administered and judged by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals, is an international competition for marketing and communication professionals involved in the concept, writing and design of marketing and communication programs and print, visual and audio materials. Entries come from corporate marketing and communication departments, advertising agencies and PR firms.

Ervin | Ad recipient of American Graphic Design Awards

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IRVINE, Calif.—Ervin | Ad Integrated Marketing received the prestigeous American Graphic Design Award for five projects in 2008-2009.

Four of the projects were client projects: A 40-page corporate overview brochure for First American Title, a trade ad also for First American, Toyota Material Handling’s NewsLift newsletter, and a cause marketing campaign for Cox Business.

The fifth award was for Ervin | Ad’s company web site.

The American Graphic Design Awards is a four decade old national competition administered by the editors of Graphic Design USA magazine. It honors outstanding new work in categories from print and packaging to internet and interactive design.

Ervin | Ad tapped to market First American Default Division

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IRVINE, Calif.—March 4, 2009—Ervin | Ad announced today their selection as marketing agency for First American National Default Title Services (NDTS), a division of The First American Corporation, an international business information products and services provider and FORTUNE 500® company. The appointment follows a successful partnership with The First American Corporation spanning over 20 years.

40-page Product Guide

40-page Product Guide

NDTS provides information products and services to the mortgage industry for default-related loan-servicing activities. “NDTS is a rapidly expanding division ready for its own brand identity,” Katherine Henderson, account executive for First American at Ervin | Ad, said. “As we move forward, we’re also working closely with the client to target a market that’s changed significantly in the past few years.”

In the upcoming months, Ervin | Ad is slated to create a variety of marketing collateral designed to position NDTS as the most comprehensive, single-source resource the mortgage industry needs in any type of market cycle.  Brochures, a new Web site, and print ads are all in various stages of planning. “Our goal is to have NDTS be synonymous with the best in default-related services and products,” Henderson explained. “We’re excited to commence on what we know will be a long, fruitful collaboration.”



Ervin | Ad Marketing Communications is a full-service communications and advertising agency headquartered in Irvine, California. Established in 1981, the agency’s broad range of clients includes Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., The First American Corporation, Fleetwood Enterprises, Cox Communications, Mars-Nutro Products, Inc. pet food company, and others.


Ervin | Ad “Meet Me” campaign a MarCom 2008 Platinum winner

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IRVINE, Calif.—October 31, 2008—Ervin | Ad won Platinum and Gold Winner designation at MarCom Awards 2008, an international competition recognizing outstanding achievement by marketing and communication professionals. Winners were announced in October.

The “Meet Me” campaign, a series of ads for Cox Business highlighting their community activism, earned Ervin | Ad Platinum Winner honors in the Television/Campaign category. Additionally, the agency earned Gold Winner accolades in the Design/Annual Report and Annual Report/Corporation categories for the Fleetwood Enterprises, Inc. submission, “Home. Away From Home.”

The MarCom Awards are administered and judged annually by the Association of Marketing & Communication Professionals. According to the association, the competition is one of the largest of its kind in the world, with entrants ranging from individual communicators to media conglomerates and Fortune 500 companies.

“To know that our campaign was selected from among the finest entries on the international stage is incredibly rewarding,” said Michael Ervin, president of Ervin | Ad. “As with all our clients, we approached the Cox campaign with the same determination to exceed expectations. We’re proud to have been successful and advance the Cox message in such a fashion.”

Ervin | Ad is a full-service communications and advertising agency headquartered in Irvine, California. Established in 1981, the agency’s broad range of clients includes Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., The First American Corporation, Fleetwood Enterprises, Cox Communications, Mars–Nutro Pet Food Division, and others.

Poll: financial institutions doing poor job communicating

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The survey shows these are critical times for banks and financial institutions to to have a sound, effective and positive communications plan from marketing to PR to CRM.

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Consumer behavior will prompt new email formats

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As email marketing volume increases, EM+C reports that best practices will likely continue to evolve to be more transactional and event-related, according to a new study by Forrester Research.

U.S. E-mail Marketing Volume Will Reach 838 Billion Messages in 2013, Forrester Says

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